Simple steps to become a Grab driver!

Hello everyone,

and Hello 2017!
I'm pretty sure everyone would have a great future vision and mission when New Year's coming in. FOr 2016! may god bless us.. hahaha..This 2016, most of the people are quite struggle especially to fight their cost of living getting hike time to time.

Some of them doing a small business to support their daily routine, as well as to become a grab driver, UBER, selling products online, become agent/ drop-shipper for online trading, and even selling the services to help people in needs.

So, there's no simple tips to become a Grab driver, the only thing that i need to advise people who willing to become a grab driver to this properly.

1. Go the Grab car website and register as to 'Become a driver'

2. The system will get you through the next step like watch the video, read the manual and answer the 20 quiz consider as their training. *Please, these are all the important thing to make you and people surrounding have less time during the activation process. All the registrations, training/quiz must do before going to meet the activator people located as per stated.

3.When all the requirement is successful, the system will give you a message stated that you are ONE (1) step to become a grab driver. Bring the IC bla bla..

4. Now you can bring all the documents to the locations stated in the message and do the activation and inspection of your car (if needed) and i tell you that is so simple and much easier to everyone and also to the activator to activate the account.

5. Please upload clear picture of IC, Licences, Photo, Cover-note insurance policy to make your submission accepted by the Grab staff.


Now let's do the PR and meet people out there! cool yao..

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